Exterior of dollhouse donated to the family of fallen Kissimmee Police Officer Matthew Baxter.

Eugene Cash lives a life dedicated to service and generosity. From his time in the US Air Force to his passion for crafting dollhouses, his story exemplifies commitment and compassion for his community.

Eugene enlisted in the Air Force at 18 years old and later attended flight school where he received his wings. After deploying once to Johnston Atoll AFB 750 miles from Hawaii and after 25 years of service, he retired as Colonel in 1976. Both his son, Lieutenant Colonel Steve Cash and son-in-law, Colonel Rob Hughes also served in the Air Force for more than two decades.

US Air Force Colonel Eugene Cash pictured beside his late wife.

Eugene’s history with creating dollhouses started in 1989 with his daughter, Brenda, who continues to help with choosing colors, designing floor plans, and selecting furniture. His first dollhouse showed exquisite craftsmanship as it took several years for Eugene and Brenda to complete it. These projects continued when Eugene became involved with the Make-a-Wish® Foundation by building and restoring dollhouses for children. His passion for giving led him to create over 30 dollhouses in his lifetime, ten of which were original designs. Furthermore, these dollhouses are equipped with functional light switches, doorbells, and other realistic home amenities.

During retirement, Eugene moved to Florida where he met Tunnel to Towers Foundation members at the Let Us Do Good Village Groundbreaking. His affinity towards helping the Air Force in any way led him to become a donor to the Foundation. Later, he reached out to the Foundation to express interest in donating his dollhouses to recipients with young children.

Interior of dollhouse equipped with functional light fixtures.

So far, Eugene has donated six dollhouses to several different families, including the Harris family, the Magner family, the Magli family, the Baxter family, the Joslyn family, and the Thornton family. Today, he is working on his newest dollhouse for another recipient family. Seeing the joy and happiness on children’s faces after receiving his dollhouses motivates him to continue his craft so he can spread more enjoyment to others.

Interior of dollhouse decorated with furnishings (left) and custom plaque included on each dollhouse (right).

The love of building dollhouses for Eugene’s family translated into donating his time to give dollhouses to families in need. His generosity has touched the lives of many, spreading happiness and hope. Eugene’s story is a testament to the power of service and kindness, showing that even a small gesture can make a big difference in the lives of others.