The goal of our Gold Star Family Home Program is to help young families of our military heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice protecting our country.  

More than 7,000 service members have been killed in the line of duty since 9/11. There are countless young Gold Star families in need. While the Foundation wishes it could provide a  mortgage-free home to each and every family, many factors including funding availability, affect the number of families we can assist each year.  

The Foundation recognizes that each family situation is unique. When evaluating applicants for our Gold Star Family Home Program, the Foundation considers the following criteria:    

  1. U.S. Military Service Member killed in action in a combat zone or killed during authorized training.  
  2. Service Member is survived by a young child or children.  
  3. At least one of the surviving children is 16 years of age or younger.  
  4. If Service Member and surviving parent were married, they cannot have been divorced or separated at the time of death.  
  5. Surviving parent of the service member’s child(ren) is not currently remarried, engaged, or cohabitating.  
  6. Surviving family meets the program’s financial parameters.  

*Based on funding availability, priority is given to applicants whose nuclear family with the Service  Member has been unchanged since the time of death. 

For more information on our Gold Star Family Home Program please email: