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Thank you for your interest in supporting the programs and activities of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation (“the Foundation”) through independent initiatives aimed at raising funds and awareness. Please fill out the form below indicating your interest in holding an event.

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Please provide an overview of the proposed event. Include event type, timing, location, expectations, and any other pertinent information. A Foundation representative will contact you to discuss the event.

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The guidelines below are offered to help address most of the frequently asked questions and to clarify some important points.

Guidelines: Independent Fundraising

• Any request by an independent organization to hold an event that names the Foundation as recipient of proceeds must be submitted in writing prior to the proposed event.

• The organization proposing to carry out an event must receive written approval (electronic or paper form) from the Foundation for use of the name and logo in conjunction with the event.

• The Foundation will supply logo files. All printed or written marketing or advertising material, including but not limited to press releases, invitations, brochures, letters and flyers, must be reviewed and approved by the Foundation.

• Event organizers ensure that the Foundation’s name is properly used, that all funds are handled and accounted for in a reasonable manner, and that the event is being conducted in a manner that is consistent with the Foundation’s mission and image.

• The Foundation actively encourages independent fundraising events, however it maintains the right to decline events. Please do not publically announce or promote the event until you receive official approval of your event proposal. We reserve the reserve the right to decline any relationship at any point in the fundraising process with any person or organization.

• Event organizers are responsible for the planning and execution of the event, including promotion, staffing, volunteers, and any liability involved.

• It’s suggested that you select a director and form a committee to develop a step-by-step plan, organize volunteers, and prepare a budget.

• Any use of the Foundation’s name or logo without written consent is prohibited.

• It’s imperative that it is known that the Foundation does not endorse any product, organization, or service affiliated with the event organizers. All independent fundraising events must be promoted and conducted in a manner to avoid statement or appearance of any such endorsement. Disclosure below must be used on printed or digital materials.

“Independently organized fundraising events to benefit the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation are the sole responsibility of those who sponsor or organize them. Event organizers are not Foundation representatives or employees.”

• The Foundation reserves the right to terminate a current event or deny future events by the fundraising group for failure to comply with the above policies and procedures.

The guidelines below are offered to help address most of the frequently asked questions and to clarify some important points.