Homeless Veteran Program

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is committed to honoring the dignity of the American Service Member and that’s why we are committed to helping end homelessness amongst the Veteran Community and ensure no Veteran is left behind.
Providing a safe and dignified home is an integral part of helping Veterans who are homeless reclaim their lives.
Tunnel to Towers’ national program aims to eradicate homelessness by providing housing and services to Veterans who are homeless across America.
If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, please complete this form

The Program’s Impact

Through its strategic partnerships, generous grants, expansive Helping Heroes National Network, and innovative new projects, Tunnel to Towers achieved a remarkable feat in 2022 by providing safe haven and comprehensive support to more than 500 veterans who had previously faced homelessness or were at risk of experiencing it. This exceptional accomplishment stands as a testament to Tunnel to Towers’ unwavering commitment to our nation’s heroes, ensuring they not only find stable housing but also receive the necessary services to rebuild their lives with dignity and hope. By continuing to forge impactful partnerships, secure vital grants, and launch pioneering initiatives, Tunnel to Towers is dedicated to extending its reach and impact, ushering in a brighter future for even more veterans in need.


In 2023, Tunnel to Towers is providing housing assistance and services to more than 2000 veterans.

National Case Management Network

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s National Case Management Network is comprised of an internal team of case managers who are currently conducting intake for homeless veterans from all over America, no matter the location, and are connecting homeless veterans with safe, dignified housing options and providing direct financial assistance from Tunnel to Towers to get them housed.
After the shelter and basic needs of veterans are met, our team then works with the veterans to determine their immediate needs, such as mental, physical, emotional or financial needs. Tunnel to Towers is building a national network of public and private organizations, regional VA agents, attorneys, landlords, mental health counselors, employers, and financial counselors. We are currently working with hundreds of organizations across the nation to rapidly house our Veterans, then we meet veterans’ specific needs, to ensure they can sustain their housing accommodations, and begin to build back their lives.

In addition to the Foundation’s properties which address veteran homelessness in key metro-areas, the Foundation is also building a national referral network to support veterans struggling with homelessness across the nation, no matter the location.
The Homeless Veteran Program’s National Case Management Network will provide veterans with the housing, servicing, and financial assistance needed to get their lives back on track. We are working with a litany of private organizations, VA offices, landlords, and employment agencies to provide holistic support to veterans and their families, no matter their location.
Our National Case Management Network’s goal is to eliminate barriers to housing by providing timely assistance and support to help Veterans navigate through systems and resources needed to re-integrate into the community. Once the Foundation provides the needed financial assistance to get a Veteran rapidly housed and the Veteran’s immediate crisis has been addressed, we provide support to address any psycho-social factors that may be impeding a Veteran’s stability, including mental, physical, and financial wellness.
Our National Case Management Network encompasses a team of case managers, employment and housing coordinators, managers and administrative staff, who work collaboratively to address root causes of homelessness. Our Program works with both homeless Veterans and Veterans who are at-risk of becoming homeless. We follow the principles of the housing first model and use evidence based practices in our approach.

The Homeless Veterans Program provides assistance to Homeless Veterans in the following ways:

Broker Fees, 1st Month rent, Security deposits
Utility Deposits or Arrears
Housing Application Fees
Items needed to support a move into housing (storage, movers, etc)
Immediate shelter/hotel stay if no shelter beds available
Essential items such as food or child care supplies
Employment Essentials such as professional attire
Transportation to a site location or coordinated entry point

Current Building Projects

Embarking on a path of impactful innovation, Tunnel to Towers is currently spearheading a series of transformative projects aimed at making a tangible difference in the lives of those it serves. These projects embody Tunnel to Towers’ unwavering dedication to its mission, offering a glimpse into the organization’s future-focused initiatives that promise to uplift, empower, and inspire.

Houston, Texas

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation purchased a fully operational 150-room hotel in Houston, TX, which is being renovated to service hundreds of veterans in Houston and the surrounding areas. The renovations are targeted for completion in the summer of 2023. The property is to offer a fully supportive service center on the first floor, and will offer veterans a comprehensive supportive service model, provided by U.S. VETS. This property will be complemented with 15-20 comfort homes, serving as permanent housing for veterans.

Atlanta, Georgia

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is identifying large hospitality hotels, similar in nature to our projects in Houston, TX and Phoenix, AZ, in Cobb County/Marietta County, GA, to replicate our renovation model. The property, a 100-150 room hotel, is to house and service hundreds of homeless veterans in the Atlanta area. Anticipated completion is the first half of 2024. We plan to complement our identified property with comfort homes, to serve as permanent housing for veterans.

West Los Angeles, California

With over 11,000 homeless veterans in California, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation realized that efforts would need to be substantial enough to meet the current problem. In CA, Tunnel to Towers has provided extensive grant funds to a 388-acre property in West Los Angeles, California, which is being transformed into a community campus for over 3,000 veterans, upon completion. Building 207, opened in February 2023, is to provide housing and services to 67 veterans. The full campus, with almost a dozen other buildings, is expected to to be completed by 2028, and is to provide over 1700 housing units to veterans in California. Tunnel to Towers’ stake in this project, which is spearheaded by the Department of Veteran Affairs and the Veterans Collective (U.S VETS, Thomas Saffron & Associates, and Century Housing) is to provide over 715 housing units to the campus.

Bradenton, Florida

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is working with local country officials to construct a comfort home community and supportive service center on 9 acres of property in Bradenton, FL. We plan to construct over 38 comfort homes centered around an 84-apartment complex and service center, with completion anticipated in late 2024.

Phoenix, Arizona

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has provided grant funds and support to U.S. VETS to renovate a 150-room hotel in Phoenix, Arizona which is to serve as permanent supportive housing for 150 veterans. The anticipated completion date of the renovation for the “Tunnel to Towers Residences” is expected in May, 2023.

Austin, Texas

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has provided grant funds to provide 10 comfort homes to veterans on Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ property in Austin, TX, as well as supportive services for 32 veterans.

Riverside, California

On March Air Force Base, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is currently creating a community of comfort homes as well as a multi-family/supportive service facility in Riverside, California on U.S. VETS’ March Veterans Village.

New York, New York

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is currently searching for properties in the NYC metro area to provide permanent housing and supportive services to homeless veterans throughout Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Long Island.

Future Building Projects

  • Detroit, MI
  • Colorado, Springs
  • Portland, OR
  • Seattle, WA

Program Eligibility Requirements

When evaluating applicants for our Homeless Veteran Program, the Foundation considers the following criteria:

  • The applicant must be a Veteran of the U.S. Military Service with an Honorable Discharge or Under Honorable Discharge.
  • The applicant must demonstrate proof of homelessness or proof of being at risk of becoming homeless.

Documents needed for eligibility and pre-screening:

  • Proof of Veteran status and identification.
  • Proof of Honorable Discharge or Under Honorable Discharges.
  • Proof of housing crisis.
  • If applicable, proof of income, benefits and/or housing voucher.

The Foundation reserves the right to make exceptions on a case-by-case basis.
To see if you or someone you know may meet the program eligibility requirements, please complete this form.

Homeless Veteran Inquiry Form

Homeless Veteran Program – Inquiry Form

Homeless Veteran Program – Inquiry Form

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is committed to honoring the dignity of the American Service Members, and that’s why we are committed to helping end homelessness amongst the Veteran Community. 
Providing a safe and dignified home is an integral part of helping Veterans who are homeless reclaim their lives, and we have implemented our Homeless Veteran Program to assist with the mission of eradicating homelessness. 
If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless, please complete the Inquiry form below. *Please make sure to have the contact information of the Veteran you are referring so that we can make outreach efforts.*

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