Disaster Relief


Support Hurricane Ian Relief Efforts

Tunnel to Towers is providing disaster relief for Hurricane Ian as we did for Hurricane Sandy and the tornado that struck Mayfield, Kentucky in December, 2021. We are working with local partners to evaluate and administer aid. Our hearts and prayers are with all of the victims.

Help for America’s Heartland

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation provided food, mortgage payments, and toys for the holidays to families who were affected by the deadly tornadoes that impacted multiple states in early December of 2021.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Storm Relief Response Unit is led by Thomas McDonough, and the team is made up of retired Firefighters from the New York City Fire Department. The Storm Relief Response Unit has been deployed regularly to assist areas of the country ravaged by natural disasters.

COVID-19 Heroes Fund

During the SARS COVID-19 pandemic, Tunnel to Towers paid off the mortgages of families with young children of First Responders who died of COVID-19, as well as pledging $3 million dollars to support health care workers by providing meals and personal protective equipment.

Superstorm Sandy Relief

When superstorm Hurricane Sandy hit, thousands were left without homes especially in New York and the Tunnel to Towers Foundation provided financial relief to storm victims in the form of mortgage payments, as well as covering the costs of repairs caused by the damage of the hurricane. Members of our organization went knocking door-to-door in Staten Island, NY, where the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is headquartered, seeking to help community residents affected by the storm.

Haitian Orphanage Relief

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has also made a commitment to making a lasting impact on the lives of children. FDNY Firefighter Stephen Siller was orphaned at the age of 10, and was raised by his older siblings. The well-being of children is near and dear to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and they are at the core of our mission since we help families of the fallen with young children. We believe that every child deserves a loving home, an education, and a promising future. Since the inception of the Foundation, we have helped children in local communities as well as overseas in Haiti who have been orphaned or who have lost a parent.

Hurricane Harvey Holiday Toy Drive

Hurricane Harvey was a devastating superstorm that severely affected Texas and Louisiana, and left many residents in these states without homes and also caused many fatalities. As many as 18,000 families were displaced from their homes. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation partnered with “Toys 4 Texas” as part of our relief efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. We reached out to our local Staten Island community, where Tunnel to Towers is headquartered, to help us provide toys for families with young children affected by the hurricane to bring them a little holiday cheer in the wake of the devastation and wreckage that they were facing.

Hurricane Florence Relief

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Storm Relief Response Unit was deployed to North Carolina and South Carolina to assist veteran owned charities and organizations in providing relief to victims whose homes were wrecked by Hurricane Florence. Record amounts of rainfall was dumped on North and South Carolina, and the storm damaged tens of thousands of homes in these states. The Storm Relief Response Unit, made up of retired Firefighters from the FDNY, cleaned and gutted damaged homes and removed trees and debris from the impacted areas.

“We would not abandon our service men and women in the

battlefield and we should not leave them behind in our own country.

Those that fought for us should not be struggling in the

streets of the country they helped to defend,”