Michael Larson

Michael Larson

In 2019, an unsuspecting Michael Larson was watching television when he came across a commercial for the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, not knowing that this was the beginning of an incredible journey of doing good.

Mike is an active duty Marine Corps Infantry Officer, having served over nine years with the Marines. He considers himself incredibly blessed to be able to work with such impressive men and women, as well as travel and better himself as a leader. Larson has always harbored a love for our country and, as the son of a law enforcement officer, he was shown what true dedication and commitment to service looked like through his father’s incredible 27 year career.

Upon seeing the Foundation’s commercial, Mike immediately signed up to be an 11 dollar per month donor, and then reached out to the director of the Young Professionals Network to see how he could be more involved. Despite living in California at the time, Mike joined the Young Professionals Network in late 2019 and was eager to support the mission of the Foundation. Mike has participated in several events since, including but not limited to the New York City 5K Run & Walk, a local race in Woodbridge, New Jersey, a “Feed the Troops” Event in Washington, D.C., and the Veteran’s Day Reading of the Names at the Lincoln Memorial.

Mike regards joining the Young Professionals Network and working alongside other dedicated individuals as one of the most rewarding aspects of his involvement with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, second only to supporting our country’s military servicemembers and first responders. Mike continues to be inspired by the Foundation’s home recipients, and their humility and graciousness inspires him to spread the word about the work that the Tunnel to Towers Foundation does to help our country’s most deserving heroes and their families.

Above all else, Mike has expressed how proud he is to support the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in any way he can. The Foundation would like to extend our gratitude to Mike for all of his efforts and dedication to our mission to do good and never forget.