The Tunnel to Towers Foundation supports our military, police, and firefighters, who bravely serve and protect our country and communities. Now, the Foundation is stepping up to assist our selfless health care workers who are risking their lives every day battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundation has established the COVID-19 Heroes Fund and is pledging $3 million to support frontline health care workers by providing meals, personal protective equipment and, should a health care worker lose their life to COVID-19 and leave behind young children, financial relief through temporary mortgage payments on their family’s home.

“Right now, health care workers are being asked to come to work every day. They are risking their lives to fight back against COVID-19. If they lose their lives to this disease, while trying to save our families, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation will be there to help their families stay in their homes,” said Frank Siller, Chairman and CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

New York is the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic, and being a New York based charity the Foundation is dedicated to protecting those who are working to save lives here in our hometown.

The Foundation has secured an initial shipment of N95 masks and gowns which will be distributed to different hospitals across New York City to help protect the health care workers at risk from direct patient care. In addition, to help combat the rising number of 911 calls FEMA has directed hundreds of ambulances, and EMTs and paramedics from around the country to New York to help answer calls for help.

To thank them for leaving their hometowns and coming to ours, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation will be providing two meals a day to the hundreds of EMTs and paramedics who are staying at Fort Totten Park in Queens, New York. These meals will be prepared by members of the FDNY.

“These great heroes have left their friends and families behind, to come here to New York to help with the unprecedented number of calls each day. These men and women are saving lives and we are proud to show them how we care by providing them with meals,” said Siller.

The frontlines change with the emergencies we face, but the support of Tunnel to Towers is unwavering. You can help Tunnel to Towers give even more to these heroes. Please consider supporting Tunnel to Towers by donating $11 dollars per month.