James Swindlehurst

DeWitt Township Fire Department, Michigan • Line of Duty Death: December 24, 2021

On December 24th, 2021, Fireman and Paramedic James Swindlehurst lost his life after a valiant battle with COVID-19.

Swindlehurst worked for the DeWitt Township Fire Department and Lansing Mercy Ambulance, proudly serving and protecting his communities. Here, Swindlehurst achieved outstanding accomplishments such as rescuing people from car accidents, birthing children, restarting hearts, and saving lives. Throughout the bulk of the pandemic, he bravely continued to serve despite knowing he would likely contact the virus. He lived everyday with a purpose which made his time spent with others immensely meaningful. 

Outside of his illustrious career, Swindlehurst was a loving husband to his wife Kayla and a proud owner of his trusty companion Eli, his great Dane. In his free time, He loved to go skiing on Mt. Hood and white water rafting in Oregon. He was a three year captain for his ski team, showing his prowess as a natural born leader with an unmatched ability to think fast and quickly maneuver. Swindlehurst also had a deep passion for playing football and lacrosse. 

Swindlehurst is remembered for his blazing confidence, powerful presence, witty sense of humor and undeniable loyalty and compassion for others. His love for knowledge and learning did not go unnoticed as he remembered every soul around him. He continues to be a role model to those he mentored and will forever live in the hearts of his beloved wife and child. 

Fireman and Paramedic James Swindlehurst is survived by his wife and child.