New York State Police • Line of Duty Death: October 28, 2022

On October 28th, 2022, New York State Police Sergeant Ivan Manuel Morales passed away peacefully after a hard fought battle with 9/11 related illness.

Morales began his career with the New York City Police Department in July of 2001. He was training in the NYPD Academy when the tragic events of 9/11 occurred and was assigned to assist in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero along with his fellow classmates. It was during this time that he was exposed to toxins as a result of the attacks, which ultimately led to his untimely passing. After nearly four years spent with the NYPD, Morales left to join the New York State Police on Valentine’s day of 2005. He then became a New York State Trooper where he served for over 17 years, retiring as a Sergeant assigned to Troop T, just eight days before his passing.

Morales loved baseball and was an avid fan of the New York Yankees, which was a frequent topic of conversation among him and his partners while on shift. He loved nothing more than being a father, however, and was immensely proud of his children’s accomplishments.

New York Police Sergeant Ivan Manuel Morales is survived by his wife, Kristi, his two children, Demetrio and Civana, his sister, Maria, and his nieces and nephews.