Young Tunnel to Towers Supporter and future Black Belt Raises $785

Young Tunnel to Towers supporter and future black belt Anna Ceschan is doing good with baked goods, raising $785.15 for Tunnel to Towers through a bake sale ahead of her 12th birthday.

The karate-master-to-be is training to earn her black belt in this summer. As part of her training she needed to complete a project that gave back to the community. Anna saw the stories of people being helped by Tunnel to Towers on television and decided to hold a bake
sale at her dojo to raise money for the Foundation.

Anna set a humble goal to raise $132 dollars – a year’s worth of $11 monthly donations. The sweet treats ended up raising way more than she anticipated, ultimately resulting in an incredible $785 to donate to Tunnel to Towers.

“I am so happy my project was a success and I am happy to be sending the money to a great cause that
needs it to change people’s lives,” said Anna.

Congrats to Anna – one of the amazing supporters helping us do good for our nation’s heroes.

2021 is the 20th anniversary of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and to honor that milestone, the Foundation has promised to deliver 120 mortgage-free homes to our nation’s heroes. This donation will help the Foundation reach this ambitious goal.

You can join Tunnel to Towers’ mission to provide mortgage-free homes to the families of fallen first responders, injured veterans, and Gold Star families by donating $11 per month at