Mike Masters is a retired Army psychologist with over 50 years of counseling experience. He began volunteering with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in 2019 by offering his professional tele-counseling services to Gold Star and Fallen First Responder widows and their families who are grappling with grief and stress. Mike shared that he felt a heavenly calling to offer his counseling services to our home recipients after watching one of Tunnel to Towers’ PSAs that featured our Gold Star home recipient Jennie Taylor. Mike Masters had served in the Utah National Guard with her hero husband fallen U.S. Army Major Brent Taylor who was killed on November 3, 2018 during his fourth deployment to Afghanistan in an apparent insider attack.

Recently, Mike has expanded his role to becoming an Ambassador for Tunnel to Towers. “I am amazed at the incredible generosity and loving spirit of the patriotic supporters I have met already,” said Mike. “It is my sincere, deepest honor to serve God and Country–– especially as the actual “old soldier” who refuses to fade away!” His service as a Tunnel to Towers volunteer Speaker Ambassador has helped spread awareness extensively across the country regarding information about our programs, the life-changing impact that Tunnel to Towers has had on our recipient families and our mission to do good so that we #neverforget.

Mike’s service to Tunnel to Towers in providing counseling and emotional support to our In the Line of Duty Program home recipient families has undoubtedly saved lives just as he has done in his military career. His intuition, compassion and speaking presence are immeasurable.

Mike inspires us with his generosity of heart and endless faith-led service to Tunnel to Towers, and we are in awe of all that he does for all those around him. He is an active member of his community and is a part of the Honor Guard where he resides, while also volunteering his time with Meals on Wheels to serve those in need in his area. Mike is an example to us all.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation would like to thank Mike Masters for helping keep the promise America made 21 years ago to Never Forget, while supporting us in our mission to provide mortgage-free homes and loving support to catastrophically injured veterans, Gold Star families and families of Fallen First Responders.