Two incredible High School Seniors have shown promise in the future generation and set an example for us all, as they devoted their time and energy to help America’s heroes and joined in the Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s Mission to DO GOOD and NEVER FORGET.

Lauren Esposito and Shannon Rose, recent graduates of Fontbonne Hall Academy, organized a fundraising project during their senior school year in addition to their coursework. They raised an impressive $1,372.16 which was donated directly to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Although she wasn’t yet born, Lauren has a personal connection to the tragedy that occurred on 9/11. A dear friend of her family, firefighter Jimmy Riches, perished during the attacks on the towers. Additionally, her father was a first responder at the time of the attacks. Although he was out of town when the towers fell, he was a first responder at the WTC during the aftermath. Shannon has several family members that have served in the military, and several who served in the police force, all of which motivated the pair to embark on a fundraising journey to benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the families of America’s heroes.

Shannon emphasized the importance of our mission, stating, “Families of 9/11 victims, first responders, and veterans deserve as much support as possible.” Lauren adds that, “Knowing that an event so traumatic like 9/11 can bring people together, teach us to work together and create a family through shared trauma is truly something not many people can completely understand unless they lived it, especially something so unthinkable as 9/11.”

Despite their young age, Lauren and Shannon proved to be extremely capable. Their fundraising method consisted of organizing a school-wide event in order to raise the money. This project involved the Varsity basketball team as well as the faculty. Lauren and Shannon said it was motivating to see so many people united by believing in a noble cause, as their community banded together to create something much larger than their individual selves. The pair stated that the process was rigorous and stressful at times. Even so, they said it was well worth it because they were able to raise so much money for a great cause.

The Tunnel to Towers foundation would like to thank Lauren and Shannon for their donation. Their generosity and dedication are inspiring.