Veteran Homelessness, Helping our Nation's Homeless Veteran Communities. All Veterans who honorably served their country whether in be in peacetime or in war deserve our nation's gratitude

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is committed to honoring the dignity of the American Service Member and that’s why we are committed to helping end homelessness amongst the Veteran Community.

Providing a safe and dignified home is an integral part of helping Veterans who are homeless reclaim their life.

Tunnel to Towers is proud to announce the ambitious launch of our new national program aimed to eradicate homelessness by providing housing and services to Veterans who are homeless across all 50 states

In 2022, we were able to house and service over 500 veterans that were previously homeless or at risk of homelessness.

Our goal in 2023 is to provide housing and services to between 1,500 and 2,000 veterans.

Veterans in this program will receive the support they need to help them address any obstacles to living a more independent life. In addition to delivering a mortgage-free home, the Foundation will also provide comprehensive care by connecting Veterans with appropriate local services (such as: mental health counseling, skills training, and addiction support).

Tunnel to Towers will maintain continued follow-up with Veterans who have been connected to local services to help ensure a successful transition to long-term home ownership.

The Foundation’s Veteran Homelessness program furthers its In the Line of Duty mission to do good in honor of America’s heroes.


Riverside, CA 2022 & 2023

West Los Angeles, CA 2023 & 2028

Phoenix, AZ March 2023

Houston, TX Summer 2023

Bradenton, FL 2024

“We would not abandon our service men and women in the battlefield and we should not leave them behind in our own country. Those that fought for us should not be struggling in the streets of the country they helped to defend,”