Tunnel to Towers Welcomes Injured Veteran into New Mortgage-Free Smart Home

USMC Corporal David Tupper was injured during his fourth combat tour   

In a private ceremony, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation welcomed USMC Corporal David Tupper and his family into a brand new mortgage-free smart home in Pittsboro, North Carolina.

This home will be a great blessing to me and my family. It will allow us to have more time together, and more space to enjoy our time together,” said Cpl Tupper. 

Cpl Tupper enlisted in the Army in December of 2001, as a response to the September 11th attacks. He left the Army in 2003 and re-enlisted in the Marines in 2004.

He would serve four combat tours with the Maines.

During his first combat deployment, his vehicle was hit by an IED, leaving him with a severe head injury. Cpl Tupper was determined to continue to serve his country. He returned to active duty, deploying to Iraq two more times,  and a fourth and final time to Afghanistan. 

On July 9, 2012, he was on patrol in Afghanistan when he was hit by an RPG and suffered a spinal injury that left him paralyzed.

Cpl Tupper stepped up to fight back after America was attacked. After he was injured, he could have stayed home and let others fight. Instead, knowing firsthand the dangers and the risks, he continued to fight for all of us,” said Tunnel to Towers Chairman & CEO Frank Siller. I want to thank David for his sacrifice and service to his country. I want to welcome him, his wife, Jade, and their children into this forever home that will change not only his life but the daily life of his whole family.”

The Tunnel to Towers Smart Home Program builds specially-adapted, mortgage-free smart homes which help our most catastrophically injured veterans live more independently. 

Tunnel to Towers has automated many of the functions of this home, allowing him to operate the lights, thermostat, and security system via an app. This gives him the ability to turn lights on or  off and adjust the temperature without having to get up or ask for help.  

This smart home will allow me to be more independent in some of my daily activities. It also makes things easier on my family, so it gives freedom to us all,” said Cpl Tupper. 

In addition to smart technology, his home was built to make it easier for him to navigate in a wheelchair with wider hallways and automatic doors. The kitchen features pull-down shelves, lower countertops, and a stove that rises and lowers to wheelchair height. 

In his free time, Cpl. Tupper enjoys hunting, going to the gym, and spending time with his family. Receiving a mortgage-free home means being able to pursue their passions without this financial stress. 

“Having no payment on a house is a dream I thought I’d never be able to do,” said Cpl Tupper. 

Tunnel to Towers is committed to supporting our military service men and women and their families. Join us on our mission to provide mortgage-free homes to these heroes by donating $11 per month at t2t.org.

About the Tunnel to Towers Foundation

Born from the tragedy of 9/11, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation carries out its mission to “do good,” by providing mortgage-free homes to Gold Star and fallen first responder families with young children and by building specially-adapted smart homes for catastrophically injured veterans and first responders. Tunnel to Towers is also committed to eradicating veteran homelessness and helping America to Never Forget September 11, 2001. Visit t2t.org to learn more.

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Trevor Tamsen — Trevor.Tamsen@t2t.org