Tunnel to Towers Foundation Future Smart Home Recipient Rob Jones Finishes 31 Marathon Journey

Rob Jones has completed a remarkable endeavor: the final stretch of a journey that found him running 31 marathons in 31 consecutive days in 31 different major cities across the US.

For one month, the former Marine woke up in a different city and ran a marathon, finally finishing on November 11th, Veteran’s Day, in Washington DC.

Watch the celebration of Jones’ finale above or read our transcription below:

I am standing before you all today and I am receiving accolade, recognition, and congratulations but the fact of the matter is, I am merely a representative. I am a representative of what is possible when a man takes it upon himself to continue to fight for his brothers no matter the cost.

I am a representative of what is possible when a man is lucky enough to have a wife that matches him strength for strength. And who by her unwavering support bolsters his weakness.

I represent of what can be done when a man strives towards an objective with an entire country behind him.

I am merely a representative of what is possible for any veteran, or any person. So as time passes, I do not want my name to be remembered. All that I want to be remembered as this story.

Years from now when people speak about this, I want them to say “I remember that guy who ran all those marathons, that one time.” And their friend would reply “What was his name?” “I don’t remember but, he was a marine.”