Tim Andreasen was born, raised, and spent nearly his entire life – 41 years – in Mayfield, Kentucky. Tim briefly left Mayfield in 1999 to serve his country. He joined the Army on June 13, 1999, following boot camp at Fort Sill Oklahoma, and follow-on training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Private First Class Andreasen was assigned to Fort Carson, Colorado, where he served as an Army General’s personnel assistant. However, Tim’s military career was short-lived. He suffered debilitating back injuries that resulted in him having to leave the Army 

Two weeks before Christmas, on December 10, 2021, the deadliest tornado outbreak on record, for the month of December, rumbled across the southern United States, producing catastrophic damage. More than 15,000 buildings were destroyed and 71 people died. Tim’s home was destroyed in this devastating storm. 

Tunnel to Towers Foundation will present Tim and his two young children with a mortgage-free home.