United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Noah White was born in Denver, Colorado and was raised in Bangor, Maine by his mother and father. He grew up alongside his two siblings and spent most of his childhood enjoying the outdoors.

White chose to be a Marine over other branches of the military because it was the most challenging and invigorating. Within the Marine Corps he served in 1/25 Alpha Company Unit and fostered close bonds with his fellow soldiers.

Pre-deployment, White was catastrophically injured in a training accident while attending an integrated training exercise in California, rendering White a quadriplegic and leaving him with no movement or sensation from the neck down.

White currently resides in Maine with his mother who has taken on the role of his full time caregiver, for which he is incredibly grateful. He enjoys taking strolls in his wheelchair and playing video games, and has taken an interest in technology.

Based on his own experiences, United States Marine Corps Lance Corporal Noah White would like to raise awareness about the possibility of injuries like his among military servicemembers and ways to prevent them, such as staying aware of your surroundings and exercising an abundance of caution during training exercises.