HOME COMPLETED - June 18, 2014

“For those I love I will sacrifice.” How profound those words, which are tattooed on CPL Kyle Hockenberry’s torso, turned out to be. Kyle did indeed sacrifice, through his day-to-day service as a soldier with the 1st Infantry Division, and most especially, on one fateful day in Afghanistan.

On June 15, 2011, while on foot patrol, 19-year-old Kyle stepped on a pressure plate IED and was blown over a two story grape hut. The blast cost him both of his legs above the knee and his left arm. Relying on his own strength and determination, Kyle has continued to move forward, aided by the unwavering support of his wife, parents and extended family.

Kyle and his wife now have a son. Kyle is a huge fan of the Miami Hurricanes and one day aspires to open his own gun shop. Kyle received his smart home in June 2014.