Bryan Dilberian

On July 1, 2011, following 24 hours of routine patrol, Brooklyn native, SGT Bryan Dilberian was critically wounded in an IED explosion. Bryan’s best friend, PFC Jimmy Waters, was killed instantly. As a result of his extensive injuries, Bryan lost both legs below the knee and his left arm below the elbow. He suffered shrapnel wounds to his face and neck. It was a miracle that he survived.

Not more than 10 days after his initial surgery, Bryan began to fight his way back. He persevered through physical and occupational therapy in order to strengthen his body for everything that was to come. Displaying immense strength, and with the support of his family, Bryan has continued on with his life.

He doesn’t second-guess his decision to serve, saying, “I would do it a million times over. There’s nothing to regret about it. I did something for the country and I’m proud of myself.”

Bryan’s interests include fishing, rock music, and comedy, especially the humor of Jim Carey, Will Ferrell, and Bill Burr.

Bryan received his smart home on September 11, 2015.