Illinois State Police Trooper Brian Frank was born and raised in Oak Forest, Illinois. He grew up with his mother, his father, and his older sister, Erin. Brian was very active in sports, participating in baseball, bowling, and running. He also enjoyed going on annual fishing trips. Brian and his wife, Lauren, later met through their mutual friends, Matt and Gina. Matt is a police officer with Illinois State Police, and once Brian obtained his position as well, they met and Matt introduced him to Lauren. The two couples instantly became a “framily” (friends/family).

With Brian always feeling a call to serve and his half brother being in the FBI, he was inspired to join the Illinois State Police in 2010, where he served with the CRIMPAT/Drug Interdiction Unit. Brian loved drug interdiction and making his community safer above all else. One of his goals was to seize a load in a semi. Throughout his honorable career, Brian achieved Trooper of the Year in 2021, a Medal of Honor, a Purple Heart, Interdiction Officer of the Year, and Iron Warrior from the National Interdiction Conference. While on duty one day, Brian was assigned as back-up to a crash, which required shutting down the left lane of the highway. After putting out three flares and having his emergency lights activated to direct traffic around the crash site, a distracted driver crashed into his vehicle at 86 miles per hour. He sustained a severe traumatic brain injury, resulting in loss of full consciousness. After the accident, Brian endured two-and-a-half years between various rehabilitation hospitals, the emergency room, and intensive care unit. Brian would like to thank his wife, Lauren, his parents, Debbie and George, sister, Erin, in-laws, Dawn and Joe, and brother-in-law, Joe, for being there to support him after his injury.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has gifted Brian and his family with a mortgage-free Smart Home to meet his individual needs. This has alleviated financial burdens off of Lauren so she is able to stay by Brian’s side as they navigate the unknown recovery process and seek alternative solutions in hopes of Brian regaining consciousness. Lauren would like others to know that just because someone may not seem fully aware or conscious does not mean that they are not there, hearing and seeing the world around them. Brian deserves to retain his dignity and to continue to have life experiences. Those closest to Brian have made the decision to be all-in and never give up hope, Matt, Gina, and their children, the Frank’s “framily,” who currently live with Brian and Lauren for support. Illinois State Police Trooper Brian Frank took an oath to serve and protect the public, and Brian’s family have vowed their very best to see him through.