Staff Sergeant Benjamin Webb served in the United States Marine Corps for 15 years, serving four tours: three in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and one in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was awarded three Purple Hearts. SSgt. Webb retired in 2017 due to the injuries sustained during his service.

Although SSgt. Webb did not sustain catastrophic injuries from one specific incident, he has been inflicted with multiple shrapnel wounds to his upper and lower leg, which is screwed and plated together, and severe concussions throughout his service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He sustained several traumatic brain injuries caused by vehicle rollovers and explosions in the field, resulting in migraines, vertigo, and balance difficulties.  He suffers from PTSD from extensive combat experiences and exposures from multiple combat situations. Additionally, he suffers from an illness due to ‘burn pit’ exposure.

The long term effects of these injuries have greatly impacted his overall quality of life and autonomy, making him an excellent candidate to receive a specially-adapted Smart Home.

Benjamin enjoys hunting, fishing, the outdoors, reading, music, poetry and literature. He also loves American History and Civil War History. He hopes to someday work with fellow veterans and somehow aid in their transition back to civilian life.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is building SSgt. Webb a specially-adapted smart home in Union Beach, New Jersey.

SSgt. Webb has expressed his gratitude, stating, “The Smart Home Program is giving me my home back and really giving me my life back, a place to enjoy life again in my little corner of the world.”