United States Marines Corps Private First Class Adam Cherney was born in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, but spent most of his childhood in Sugar Land, Texas and Burnsville, Minnesota. As a child Adam developed a love for fantasy literature, video games, weight lifting, and martial arts. 

Cherney joined the United States Marine Corps in October 2012, following in the footsteps of numerous family members who had previously served in the military. Unfortunately, his time in the military was cut short due to a training accident that resulted in a spinal cord injury and cauda equina syndrome. 

Cherney underwent several surgeries to remedy the initial injury, as well as address complications as a result of the original injury, such as weakness in his legs, unbearable back pain, and infection. It was a slow recovery from there but Cherney found ways to keep pushing forward with immense help and support from his wife and family. He regards his wife, Kelsey, as his caregiver and hero. He would like to extend his gratitude not only to his wife, but also his father, Doug, and in-laws, Cindy and Peter, for their unwavering support. 

Cherney is currently working on pitching his own TV show and pursuing his interests in gaming, filmmaking, and Dungeons and Dragons. He enjoys swimming, cycling, and going to the movie theater with his wife. 

Cherney has stated that his life will be forever changed by receiving a specially adapted Smart Home from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Cherney believes that everything happens for a reason, and he is grateful for the life he currently has despite the hardships he has had to overcome.