The Tunnel to Towers Foundation has paid off the mortgages of seven more families of fallen first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down their lives in the line of duty for their communities for the Foundation’s third annual Season of Hope. 

Meet these seven  American heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice, and learn about what it means to their families to receive the gift of a mortgage free home thanks to your generosity. 

These pay-offs are part of the third annual Tunnel to Towers’ Season of Hope, which celebrates the holiday season by delivering mortgage-free homes or mortgage-payoffs to the families of America’s heroes who laid down their lives in the line of duty. 

Firefighter/EMT Dylan Rodiek – Joyville Fire Department, TX

Joyville Fire Department Firefighter/EMT Dylan Rodiek suffered a medical emergency and passed away in his bunk room on August 16, 2021. He is survived by his wife Morgane and their two daughters. 

“Knowing that my home will be paid off and mine forever lifted a weight from my shoulders that I didn’t know existed.  I knew it was one less bill I had to navigate.  I knew that it would allow my girls to continue to attend the schools they’ve been going to.  I knew the pictures could stay on the walls.  I knew we didn’t have to make additional changes in a time when our world had been shattered,” said Morgane Rodeik.“ I could offer my girls consistency and stability in the sense of remaining in the home we shared with their dad. I am forever grateful.”

Police Officer Mitchell Aaron Penton – Dallas Police Department, TX

On February 13, 2021, Dallas Texas Police Officer Mitchell Penton was working an accident scene when he was hit by a drunk driver.  He is survived by his expectant wife, Noel, and a stepson.  Noel gave birth to their child over the summer. 

Deputy Carlos Ramirez – Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, TX

Kendall County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff Carlos Ramirez was struck and killed while conducting a traffic stop on July 2, 2019. He left behind his wife Jessica Ramirez and their two children. Deputy Ramirez was a U.S. Army Reserve veteran who served in Iraq. He is survived by his wife and two young children.

SWAT Commander Sergeant Josh Bartlett – Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office, TX

Lubbock County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Commander Sergeant Josh Bartlett was shot during a standoff with a barricaded suspect during a stand-off on July 15, 2021. He is survived by his wife Rebecca Bartlett and their three sons. 

SWAT Commander Sergeant Josh Bartlett was a nine-year veteran of the department and previously served in the U.S. Army.

 Senior Police Officer Lewis Andy Traylor – Austin Police Department, TX

Senior Police Officer Lewis Traylor of the Austin Police Department passed away on July 28, 2021 days after being involved in an on-duty crash. He continued to save lives after his death by remaining on life support so his organs could be donated. 

He leaves behind his wife Melissa, and their five children. 

“Losing my husband and the father of 5 kids, it was a great concern how we’d make it possible to stay in the house we bought as our dream home to raise our family. The outpouring of kindness from the foundation that weight has been alleviated from my shoulders and I can focus on the next steps in getting through our tragic and sudden loss of our loved one. We can’t thank you enough,” said Melissa Traylor. 

Police Corporal Kyle Jeffrey Davis – Washington County Sheriff’s Office, OK

Bartlesville Police Corporal Kyle Davis was killed in the line of duty on March 25, 2021 following a struggle with a prisoner during booking. He is survived by his wife Kristin and their two children. 

“The loss of Kyle was a huge blow to us and we’re trying to find our way in this new journey without him. This time of year is going to be difficult as we navigate our first big holidays without Kyle, but this gift has definitely brought some light to our days,” said Kristin Davis, who was overwhelmed when she got the news that her mortgage had  paid off in full. “I now have peace of mind this home will be ours forever and that our kids will always have somewhere to call home.”

Firefighter Tyler Wade Bradford – Waynoka Volunteer Fire Department, OK

Firefighter Tayler Bradford lost his life in the line of duty on January 29th while attempting to rescue two people from inside a burning building when the roof collapsed. He is survived by his wife Clair Bradford and their two children. 

“We are truly thankful to even be considered, much less be blessed with this”, said Clair when she was told that Tunnel to Towers had paid off her mortgage in full.


In 2021, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation will have paid off over 60 mortgages for the families with young children of our nation’s heroes for the third annual Season of Hope, relieving these families of a grave financial burden following the tragic loss of their loved ones. Season of Hope gives these families the gift of remaining in the homes where they made precious memories with their fallen heroes. Tunnel to Towers’ third annual Season of Hope began with paying the mortgages in full of Eight California  Fallen First Responders families on Thanksgiving Day, with 6 more families having their mortgages paid off on December 3rd. Tunnel to Towers will have paid off 200 mortgages in full before the end of the year.