Safewaze has generously donated $38,000 to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in support of America’s heroes and their families. 

Safewaze is a company that provides solutions for fall protection and produces safety equipment. They serve the construction, industrial, solar, wind, tower, energy and general safety markets. Their company motto is “Do the Right Thing”, which inspires them to give more to their customers and community beyond their products and services. Safewaze follows their strong set of 5 key values of Respect, Precision, Urgency, Mastery, and Positivity when serving their customers and community. 

Amanda Ducey is the Marketing Specialist at Safewaze. She has known about the Tunnel to Towers Foundation’s great work for several years. “9/11 is a sensitive topic, but I’ll remember it as the day I almost lost my father,” shared Amanda. “My father was attending a meeting at the Pentagon hours before the attack that day. Fortunately, my father left before the attack happened; however, not so fortunate as other daughters who had their fathers or other family members taken away from them. It’s heartbreaking to this day for me. I’ll never forget that day — the extreme loss and sadness felt by the entire country. In the midst of darkness America was able to come together during the worst time our country has ever faced. The resilience shone a light through our country’s darkest day.”

Amanda continued, saying, “Stephen Siller’s story and the story of all fallen first responders have inspired me ever since that day. The courage they demonstrate daily is heroic. The least we can do as a community is to work toward providing the families of those who have fallen for our country an opportunity to stay in their homes without the burden of a mortgage payment.”

“Our target audience is made up of a high percentage of veterans,” shared Amanda Ducey, the Marketing Specialist at Safewaze. “Our audience is hugely patriotic, and organizations such as Tunnel to Towers speak directly to the people who use our products. We are proud to be a US Manufacturer and support the people who dedicate their lives to supporting America!”

This was Safewaze’s first time donating to a charitable organization and supporting others beyond the products they offer. They generated the $38,000 donation through their Help A Hero campaign. Watch the A Thousand Thanks from Safewaze video to their supporters who generously donated.

“This experience has inspired us to lean into more local and national groups to reach beyond selling fall protection, while supporting our great nation and its needs,” said Amanda Ducey.

The donation helps Tunnel to Towers support America’s heroes and the families that they leave behind. Tunnel to Towers’ In the Line of Duty Program provides mortgage-free homes to our nation’s catastrophically injured veterans and first responders, mortgage-free homes to Gold Star families and Fallen First Responder families with young children, and mortgage-free homes for homeless veterans through our Veteran Homelessness program.

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