United States Army Staff Sergeant • Line of Duty Death: May 6, 2023

United States Army Staff Sergeant Thomas Charles Lucas passed away on May 6, 2023 after battling service-related cancer.

Lucas was born and raised in Tottenville, Staten Island, New York. His childhood consisted of basketball, baseball, family and friends. He enjoyed Sunday night dinners at his grandparents house with his parents and younger sister. Throughout his childhood, Lucas could be found being very active in Boy Scouts, playing the alto saxophone, being a sports fanatic, and his local church as an altar boy. Later on, he and his wife. Priscila, met at a restaurant on Staten Island while they were each out with friends. They shared an undeniable connection and were married three years later. They are the parents of three beautiful children.

Lucas came from a lineage of leaders and protectors. His grandfathers, father, and uncle each served in the military. Having felt a strong desire to protect and defend his country, Lucas decided to enlist in the US Army National Guard on September 1, 1992 at the age of 22. He was a part of Delta company 250th BSB during his two years of active service from 2005 to 2007. During that time, he was also a member of the 1st Squadron and the 167 Cavalry Regiment OIF 06-08. Lucas took immense pride in the work he was doing and knew that it was the right thing. He felt that the hardships of his career were their own badge of honor. He considered those he worked with his second family and enjoyed helping “his boys” advance in rank. Lucas’ career was nothing short of honorable, having earned numerous awards, including the Meritorious Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and Iraq Campaign Medal, among many others. Lucas was unfortunately diagnosed with Lung Cancer as a result of burn pit exposure. He lost his battle just five months after his diagnosis.

Priscila currently resides on Staten Island, New York. She remains busy most of the time, caring for her ten-year-old twin sons and two-year-old daughter. While she is strong for her children, she finds that her children, in turn, are the source of her strength along with her Faith. Priscila is an avid cake baker and decorator, and loves to make them for her family and friends and receives much encouragement from her community. Her sons often help her decorate cookies, which they are getting very good at. Additionally, Priscila is heavily involved with her sons’ school and is an active member of her local church. In the future, she is anticipating the growth and maturity of her children. She is very excited about her new home where her children will have their own rooms and a yard. The support from the Foundation has lifted a great amount of stress off of Priscila. Finally, she would like others to know that her husband always felt that he made a contribution to the welfare of his country; with him, it was personal. She believes that Lucas continues to watch over her and their children from above.

United States Army Staff Sergeant Thomas Charles Lucas is survived by his wife, Priscila, his three children, his mother, Christina, his sister, Jessica, uncles, aunts, cousins, and many friends from his job at SIRTOA.