United States Marine Corps
Line of Duty Death: January 14, 2016

On January 14, 2016, United States Marine Corps Captain Steven Robert Torbert was killed in a training accident involving two CH53-E5 helicopters.

Torbert was born in Charleston, South Carolina and raised in Florence, Alabama alongside his younger sister. Influenced by his father, who was in the United States Navy, Torbert knew from a young age that he wanted to serve his country. Torbert attended Civil Air Patrol’s Honor Guard Academy where he met his wife, Kirsten, and eventually enlisted in the United States Marine Corps at the age of eighteen and attended officer candidate school at the age of twenty-one. Torbert had always intended to enlist in the military, but his decision was solidified by the tragedy of 9/11, when he felt compelled to serve his country more than ever before.

Torbert was intent on making a difference in the world through his military service, eventually being recognized as one of the top rated pilots and Night Systems Instructors in the Marine Corps, with an expertise in rifles and pistols, and was set to earn the rank of Major earlier than most. Torbert specifically chose to fly CH53 helicopters because of the humanitarian assistance he would be able to provide.

United States Marine Corps Captain Steven Robert Torbert is survived by his wife, Kirsten; son, William; sister, Chelsea; and parents, Sheree and Jim.