On November 12, 2005, United States Army Staff Sergeant Stephen John Sutherland was killed while on patrol in Iraq when his vehicle rolled over into a crater caused by a detonated improvised explosive device. 

Sutherland was born and raised in Woodbury, New Jersey alongside his three older siblings. He enlisted in the United States Army in January 1998, just one day before the enlistment of the woman who would eventually become his wife, Maria. Sutherland wanted to serve his country and make a career of his military service. He enjoyed the camaraderie and brotherhood that the Army offered him, the bonds he was able to create with other military families, and most of all, that the Army brought him and Maria together. Sutherland is remembered for his kindness and selflessness, always offering a helping hand and volunteering in his community. 

United States Army Staff Sergeant Stephen John Sutherland is survived by his wife, Maria, and three sons, Omar, Victor, and Stephen Sutherland II, who was born 19 months after his father’s passing.