On January 17, 2023, United States Army Sergeant Sammy Lee passed away after an arduous six month battle with liver cancer attributed to his military service..

Lee was born and raised in New York City to very hard working parents. He enjoyed shooting pool, bowling, and ice skating. Lee and his future wife, Audrey, met on a dating app and quickly clicked and realized they were meant for each other; Lee’s friends agreed.

In January of 2003, Lee decided to enlist in the US Army because of his patriotism. He always felt a sense of purpose and a desire for personal growth, and felt enlisting was the way to fulfill those desires. Lee’s favorite thing about being a part of the military was the fact that he was disciplined, serving, and protecting. He had hoped to gain valuable skills, experience, and financial stability. He saw the military as an opportunity to put his future on a positive path. He was a proud Iraq Combat Veteran.

As an elementary school teacher, Audrey would like to think that through teaching, she is contributing to the shaping of a better future for her students. Audrey states that nothing will be the same without her husband, but they created two beautiful children together and they are her biggest motivations in life. Audrey is eternally grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing the stability and relief of a mortgage-free home to her and her two young children, who are only two and three years old. Lee told his wife that she is the best thing to ever happen to him, and Audrey would like people to know that she feels the same about him. She would like everyone to know to cherish the time you have with your loved ones and embrace it. Audrey would like to thank her beloved husband’s parents for raising him to become an honorable person and a loving husband and father. She would also like to thank her parents for being there for her and her children after the passing of Lee.

US Army Sergeant Sammy Lee is survived by his Wife, Audrey, his two children, his parents, and his parents-in-law.