On September 28, 2011, United States Marine Corps Sergeant Nicholas A. Sprovtsoff was killed while attempting to diffuse an explosive device on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Sprovtsoff was born and raised in Davison, Michigan. He had one older sister and many cousins, whom he shared tons of comical memories with. As a child, Sprovtsoff enjoyed bowling, golf, dirt biking, and running his own business mowing lawns. He and his future wife, Tasha, eventually met at a bar in Waikiki Beach, Hawai’i. Their instant connection was undeniable; Sprovtsoff asked Tasha to be his date at the USMC Ball and from then on, they were inseparable.

It was in Sprovtsoff’s blood to serve his country. When he was just 17 years old, his parents signed the paperwork to allow him to join the military as a minor. He loved the knowledge and skill involved in being an EOD Tech, as well as his fellow servicemen and women. Sprovtsoff was proud to be a Marine and he had goals to be a lifelong service member. Throughout his career, he served with MARSOC as an EOD Tech and received two silver stars while doing so. His colleagues loved him and described him as someone who always had their backs.

Currently, Tasha loves yoga, nature, and playing games with her children, Lanie and Nicholas “Tank.” She tries to introduce them to anything to expand their knowledge on everything. They love to go to their lake cabin as a family where they can be found swimming, boating, and tubing. Tasha is eager to give her children valuable experiences through traveling and other activities. She aspires to give her children the beautiful life that her husband loved so much. Tasha is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for the donation of a mortgage-free home so that she is able to help her children discover their dreams and passions, contribute to her community in a more meaningful way, and continue to pursue her passion for art. She describes Sprovtsoff as an amazing man and father, for the brief time he got to be one, and an amazing Marine. Tasha states that she is proud to be his wife and although her children do not remember him, he is never forgotten and his sacrifice is never taken for granted.

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Nicholas Adam Sprovtsoff leaves behind his loving wife, Tasha, and his two children, Lanie and Nicholas “Tank.”