United States Marine Corps Captain • Line of Duty Death: November 4, 2022

United States Marine Corps Captain Mitchell Timothy Morton passed away on November 4, 2022 after a grueling battle with service-related cancer.

Morton was born and raised in Greenville, South Carolina, along with his four siblings. He was talented in many ways, from tinkering with his cars, sketching, and doing anything with his hands. Throughout his childhood, he also loved going to his family’s lake house on the weekends, where he and his siblings would spend their time playing outdoors and swimming in the lake. Morton and his wife, Katie, were high school sweethearts. After graduating, Morton attended Clemson University while Katie went to culinary school in Greenville. They remained together and eventually married after graduating from college. They were the best of friends.

Serving with the US military was a calling for Morton. He had been studying graphic communications when he decided to enlist in the US Marine Corps in 2015. He loved being able to connect with and help his fellow marines, and although he was always first to crack a joke, he had the utmost respect for his leaders above him. As a logistics officer, he consistently took initiative and resolved issues that arose, qualities that made him a fantastic leader. He also mentored his fellow marines to do the same. Morton having been a silent warrior, Katie did not know of his awards and decorations until after his passing. Throughout his career, he had been awarded with several plaques and patches. In April of 2022, Morton was diagnosed with service-related cancer. After four rounds of chemotherapy, the Morton family began seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. However, after a routine blood test, they had found that his cancer had spread to various parts of his body. After being on a ventilator for 17 days, he sadly succumbed to the disease.

Katie currently lives in South Carolina with her children, Siler, Ruby, and Grady. She loves to be involved in their lives and interests as much as possible. Siler loves to wash cars, Ruby loves all things girly, and Grady loves music. Katie and her husband had been heavily involved in their local church prior to his diagnosis. After his passing, she is slowly trying to manage getting more involved again while balancing her responsibilities at home. In the future, she is excited to watch her children’s lives bloom and have the ability to provide for them in different ways with the burden of a mortgage lifted from her shoulders. Additionally, she is excited to see what the Lord has in store for her. She knows he will redeem her situation and she is ready to watch that unfold. The support from Tunnel to Towers is allowing Katie to take her time in finding a job so she can spend as much time as possible with her children in the wake of their father’s passing. Finally, Katie would like others to know that she and her husband are believers in Christ. Through everything, the Lord was their rock and foundation. Morton was a dedicated husband and father in every way. His deepest desire was to be a provider. He worked and fought hard for his family; Katie knows he is cheering her on from afar, fully healed, in Heaven.

United States Marine Corps Captain Mitchell Timothy Morton is survived by his loving wife, Katie, and his beautiful children, Siler, Ruby, and Grady.