On July 17, 2006, United States Army Staff Sergeant Michael Dickinson was conducting a dismounted atmospheric assessment when he was hit with a lethal sniper shot in his posterior right shoulder. It was a diagonal entry and the bullet traveled to the left side of his chest. Posthumously, The SSG Michael A. Dickinson II Airborne Mock-Up Facility was created in his honor because of his exemplary years of service.

Dickinson was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. Dickinson grew up alongside three older sisters, his mother and stepfather. He was very active as a child, participating in numerous sports such as, basketball, tennis, football, and track.

Dickinson came from a military family and found inspiration to serve from his father, uncle, both grandfathers, and great grandfather who all served in the United States Army. Dickinson followed in their footsteps by enlisting in the U.S. Army on June 8, 1998, less than two months after his 18th birthday.

Some of Dickinson’s major accomplishments were being awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and officially becoming a jumpmaster, which is an expert paratrooper in an airborne unit who trains and teaches military techniques for jumping out of airplanes.

United States Army Staff Sergeant Michael Dickinson II is survived by his wife, Glorygrace, their five children, Jennifer, Angel, Genesis, Abigail and Juan, their four grandchildren, Nehemiah, Norielle, Ayden, and Elijah, his mother Vicki, his three sisters, Michele, Renee and Carmen, his grandmother Kay, and his uncle James.