On December 3, 2022, United States Army E4 Specialist Matthew Rene Silvestrini passed away after battling cancer attributed to his military service.

Silvestrini was born in Hartford, Connecticut and spent most of his childhood in Higganum, Connecticut. The Silvestrini family was very tight-knit, with two parents who worked very hard to give their boys a good work ethic and the value of family. He was the youngest of three brothers and as such, he grew up playing outside in the woods, making forts, pretending to be GI Joe or Commando and loved watching action movies. Silvestrini also loved learning about history, especially military history, tactics, and weapons. He and his best friend spent tons of time outside playing. Sivilestrini always looked back at his childhood with such fondness. Eventually, he and his future wife, Ashley, met through mutual friends. They began dating after he made his commitment to join the military and decided to be married after he completed basic training. They spoke on the phone and wrote letters to each other frequently. After the pair stated they wanted to get married, Ashley ended up going with Silvestrini to his first duty station in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Silvestrini was inspired by the heroes who aided during and in the months following the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Deciding to give back and do something good, he chose to enlist in the U.S. Army in August of 2003. Silvestrini liked the camaraderie of the Army and made many good friends there. He enjoyed the rigorous training and getting to be on a Scout Sniper team, as well as learning about guns and training with them. Later on during his career in law enforcement, he continued utilizing his passion to become a firearms instructor. Silvestrini took pride in being an effective and efficient instructor and was held in high esteem. He had a courage and confidence in him that encouraged him to be fearless throughout his careers in both the Army and law enforcement. Silvestrini developed a passion for weight lifting and health during his deployment and brought it back with him afterwards. He even trained to compete in several Ironman triathlons as well as ultramarathons. Pushing himself past his limits and pressing on was definitely something that the Army instilled in him. His wife states that he had an iron will and was the toughest and bravest man she had ever known. In 2016, Silvestrini developed Glioblastoma and fought the cancer into remission for nearly six years. However, the cancer unfortunately returned more aggressively than before and ultimately took his life on December 3 of 2022.

Ashley and her two children, Abby and Walker, live in the house she and Silvestrini purchased together. She is focusing on giving her children the most stable life she can after losing their superman of a father. It is her goal to help her children get through this tragedy in the healthiest, most supportive way possible. Ashley is grateful for the gift of time that Tunnel to Towers is providing her and her family through the gift of a mortgage-free home. She is now able to spend time with her children, making sure they are okay, and making priceless memories with them. She is excited to be able to continue to live in the home that she and Silvestrini made their own, and to allow her children to do so as well. Ashley would like others to know how fearless her husband was. He was a risk-taker, an adventurer, an athlete, and he made life fun and exciting. He always tried to be a better version of himself and had a zest for life every single day. Ashley plans on remaining dedicated to live in his name, as he would, and try her best to instill his values into their children as well. She is immensely proud to be his, always.

United States Army E4 Specialist Matthew Rene Silvestrini is survived by his loving wife, Ashley and his children, Abby and Walker.