Line of Duty Death: August 12, 2006

Army Staff Sgt. Kevin Zeigler enlisted in the Army in 1995. 

A veteran of numerous deployments, Staff Sgt. Zeigler was killed in action on August 12, 2006, by an IED in Iraq.

He left behind his wife, Stacy, and four children, Kali, Sierra, Tyler, and Dawn. 

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation will provide the Zeigler family a mortgage-free home in Overland Park Kansas, in 2020. 

“Tunnel to Towers is giving me and Dawn a permanent place to call home, with enough space for the whole family to visit and be together in one place,” Stacy Zeigler said.  

Freed from this financial burden, Stacy hopes to return to school where to get her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.


Zeigler Family Home Dedication