On April 14, 2014, United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Joshua Braica passed away as a result of a training accident in a military terrain vehicle.

Braica was born and raised in Sacramento, California. He had an amazing childhood; he and his five younger siblings were brought up by a Christian family who shared lots of love and laughter. Braica loved to go fishing, hunting, and participating in any outdoor activity. Braica and his future wife, Jessica, met through his uncle and they eventually married and had their son together.

Wanting to make a difference and accomplish big things in life, Braica was inspired to join the USMC at the young age of 20 years old. He loved helping others and being a part of something bigger than himself. Braica’s ultimate goals were to learn as much as possible and do the best of his ability in anything he did. He became a Marine Leader and loved every second of it.

Jessica is currently involved with her church and loves to go hiking as she used to do so with her husband before he passed. Jessica also loves playing and going to the beach with her son, Luca. In the future, she is most excited to see her beautiful son grow up and be able to be there for him. Jessica states that she feels incredibly blessed to have received the gift from Tunnel to Towers to be able to be with her son full time. She would like others to know that Braica had a beautiful heart and he always put his family and others first. He was the best husband and father Jessica could have dreamed of.

United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Joshua Braica leaves behind his wife, Jessica, and his son, Luca.