United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant • Line of Duty Death: January 9, 2023

United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Joseph Robert Stoess passed away on January 9, 2023 after a battle with service-related cancer.

Stoess was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon graduating high school, Stoess decided to enlist in the USMC to make a career for himself. He loved the sense of community associated with a career in the military and the ability to experience new things. His main goals were to live a stable life, make a career for himself, and travel as much as he could. Throughout his honorable career, Stoess served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, traveled to 36 different countries, went from machine gunner to designated marksman, served as an instructor at TBS, 1st LAR, and became BWT Chief at Parris Island. Stoess was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer as a result of toxic exposure during his service. He sadly lost his battle in January of 2023.

After meeting his future wife, Renee, in a hotel elevator and telling her a joke, the pair were inseparable. Renee currently resides with their children, Tristan, Cadence, and Wyatt in the house she and her husband chose as their forever home. She likes to partake in do-it-yourself home projects, exercise, and be involved in their son’s football team, which Stoess coached prior to his passing. Additionally, she is presently writing a book about her life with her loving husband. In the future, Renee is excited to continue to watch their children work towards and achieve their dreams. One week after closing on their current home, Stoess received his terminal diagnosis. Renee made a promise to him that she would do everything in her power to keep their children in that home. With help from Tunnel to Towers, she is able to do just that. Renee states that it is a relief knowing that they will be able to remain in the home that her husband loved and where they lived together. Finally, she would like others to know that freedom is not free. Her husband was a proud Marine and mentor to so many people. He fought for every American’s freedom with pride. He loved his wife and children unconditionally and without question.

United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Joseph Robert Stoess is survived by his loving wife, Renee, and his beautiful children, Tristan, Cadence, and Wyatt.