United States Army Ranger Staff Sergeant • Line of Duty Death: February 13, 2010

On February 13, 2010, United States Army Ranger Staff Sergeant John Allen Reiners was killed by a residual blast from a suicide bomber while on patrol in Afghanistan.

Reiners was born in Florida and was raised in the town of Haines City, Florida. He was primarily raised by his mother and stepfather alongside his brother, Gregory and his sister, Glennette. In his early childhood, Reiners enjoyed playing t-ball and also became a boy scout. Reiners’ passion for sports grew into his teenage years when he played baseball, soccer and ran track in highschool. He loved spending time with friends and enjoyed going to mud hole race tracks with his father and brothers.

Right after graduating highschool, Reiners decided to join the military in 2005 when he turned eighteen. Reiners believed he was made for the military and made it his goal to overcome the challenges of serving. One year later, Reiners went on a first date with the woman who would soon be his wife, Casey, who he had known since they were young children. As soon as Reiners joined the military, he loved the adrenaline rush he experienced when facing an obstacle. He also loved the camaraderie amongst his fellow soldiers that felt similar to the dynamic he had with his brothers. Later in life, Reiners stated that serving made him an overall better man.

During his military career, Reiners completed two tours in Iraq before his time in Afghanistan. He received two purple hearts, a Bronze Star, airborne wings, and a Ranger tab for his courageous service.

Reiners is remembered as a loving husband and an attentive father to his son, Lex. Reiners had many hopes and aspirations to show his son the world and give him the best life possible. Reiners considered being a father to Lex the greatest honor of his life.

United States Army Ranger Staff Sergeant John Allen Reiners is survived by his wife, Casey, and son, Lex.



“He was a man with courage in his heart, he wore boots on his feet and carried a gun in his hands. He wore fatigues and the name tag on the right side of his chest read, “Reiners”. The helmet placed upon his head was heavy but he held his head up, raised in a position that showed he was a man proud to do his duty. He walked with purpose, every stride deliberate as he patrolled dusty streets. He was always on alert, focused, and ready for action should contact be made. With his brothers by his side and the voices of his family echoing in his mind he pushed forward. Everyday was another step closer. Another step closer to the comfort of home. Another step closer to the warm embrace of his family. He knew there could be a chance he’d never make it home and yet he carried on day in and day out in a place that didn’t accept him. A place war torn with dangers present, looming around even the most unsuspecting corners. The possibility of trading his life for the protection and freedom of his country and its people was, for him, apart of the job. He was loyal to that cause. Any day could be that fateful day. And so came that day ten years ago on the 13th day of February in 2010. The trade was made, his sacrifice was given. Although, the enemy may have claimed his life, it could never-ever claim his soul. He was an American soldier.

SSG John A Reiners-Army Ranger

Dec 23rd 1985-February 13th 2010


You are a star that burns bright in the night sky. A soft cool breeze on a summer day. In the stillness of silence you are the voice that whispers in our ears, reminding us you are still here. You are a presence who brings light and love when we need it the most. You will never be forgotten. “- A poem written by Reiner’s wife, Casey