On April 15, 2004, United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Jimmy Javier Arroyave passed away due to a vehicle accident while deployed in Iraq.

Arroyave was born and raised in Cali, Colombia and later moved to Woodland, California when he was in middle school. He was raised in Woodland and loved soccer, traveling, and anything to do with history and the National Parks. Arroyave met his future wife, Rachelle, at a gym in Woodland, California and eventually the pair married and had three children together.

Inspired by the wish for structure and leadership in his life, Arroyave decided to join the USMC to serve his country in 1992. He was proud to serve and liked the structure the USMC provided. After retirement, Arroyave had planned on working with the National Park Service. Arroyave served 12-and-a-half honorable years with the Marine Corps.

Currently, Rachelle loves to spend time reading, completing puzzles, and traveling. Having moved to her new home, she is excited to see what her new town has to offer and is looking forward to being able to volunteer in the community. Rachelle is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing the financial stability and support to be able to spend more time with her children and begin saving for her retirement. She is eternally thankful for her family, friends, and the community throughout the years for being her support system through her tremendous loss. Rachelle would like people to know that her husband loved serving his country and he did it proudly.

United States Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Jimmy Javier Arroyave leaves behind his wife, Rachelle, and his four children.