United States Marine Corps Sergeant • Line of Duty Death: December 13, 2022

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Jeffrey Norman Jones passed away on December 13, 2022 as the result of service-related cancer.

Jones was born and raised in Harlingen, Texas. He was the second-born of three sons, all of whom were the best of friends growing up. They loved to spend time together outdoors and play with each other and their friends. Vacations in the Jones family were spent fishing, hunting, or at the beach. In addition, they attended church and youth church regularly on Sundays. Jones excelled in soccer, football and track. As he grew older, he became interested in motorcycles, cars, and the mechanics of different things. Later on, Jones and his wife, Miranda, met and eventually were married.

In 2003, he made the decision to enlist in the US Marine Corps Reserves to fulfill his need to serve our country, as well as support his growing family. While Jones was away at boot camp in San Diego, his second child was born. Jones loved everything about being a Marine. He developed many friendships throughout the years of his service and through his deployment to Iraq. Afterwards, they stayed in touch and connected frequently. Jones was a true leader and made it his goal to lead true to himself with fairness, humor, and by example. After his deployment to Iraq, Jones was employed by a high school to be Sergeant for the students with disciplinary deficits. He found his work incredibly rewarding. In June of 2022, Jones was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer due to burn pit exposure. He sadly succumbed to the disease later that year.

Miranda currently lives in Texas with her daughters, Kaitlynn, Jeanna, Lauren, and Grace, and her step sons, Riley and Reese. Her priority is to care for each of her children and make sure they always have a place to call home. She is eternally grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing them with that security and allowing her to continue to live in the dream home she and her husband purchased together. In the future, Miranda is excited to spend holidays with her family in her home. Finally, Miranda would like others to know how proud and honored her husband was to serve our country. He was an amazing father and fought hard to beat his cancer.

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Jeffrey Norman Jones is survived by his wife, Miranda, and his children, Kaitlynn, Jeanna, Lauren, Grace and stepsons Riley, and Reese.