United States Army Sergeant First Class • Line of Duty Death: July 6, 2018

United States Army Sergeant First Class Jason Patrick DiDomenico passed away on July 6, 2018 due to a service-related illness.

DiDomenico was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in the small town and close-knit community of Catonsville, Maryland. He and his family then moved to Ashburn, Virginia where he attended high school and later enlisted in the US Army. His childhood was filled with love and fond memories. As an only child, DiDomenico’s parents provided him with love and attention, creating a nurturing environment that fostered a warm family atmosphere. The DiDomenico family loved to play with their pets, go to the beach, spend time with friends, and immerse themselves in sports, all of which strengthened their bond. Most of all, he loved lacrosse and vacationing in Ocean City, Maryland with his parents. DiDomenico and his wife, Kristy, knew each other as children through their fathers, however, after both of them moved away from Baltimore, they lost touch. With the rise of Facebook, DiDomenico made the initiative to reconnect with Kristy and the pair shared an instant spark.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, DiDomenico felt a sense of patriotism and duty to serve his country. The gravity of the significant event became a driving force behind his decision to enlist in the US Army in March of 2003. Above all, he loved the camaraderie of being in the military. He formed a bond with his brothers that was meaningful to him; he had a genuine care for the men he served with and a strong sense of loyalty. Throughout his honorable career, DiDomenico earned the rank of Sergeant First Class, received the Meritorious Service Medal for his outstanding service, was awarded with the Army Commendation Medal on six different occasions, the Army Achievement Medal three times along with the Army Good Conduct Medal five times, among many other awards and decorations. DiDomenico had served during some of the most harrowing times of the Iraq invasion as a cavalry scout, having faced numerous IED blasts. These blasts led to internal injuries and neurological complications that were not immediately evident. Over time, his health deteriorated, however, he was ultimately cleared for a senior leadership course which involved a demanding 20-mile ruck march. Two weeks later, he was met with an aneurysm near his aortic valve, linked to an underlying condition from his service. DiDomenico sadly succumbed to his illness.

Kristy currently resides in Maryland and has a passion for her family, learning and self care. Being a homeschool parent, she dedicates her time and effort to her children’s education and development. She is also committed to her own education as she is a full-time student, aspiring to begin her own career, which will mark the next chapter in her life. The process of learning and personal growth is very important to Kristy. Additionally, she has a fondness for gardening because of its therapeutic and rewarding output. Above all, she adores spending quality time with her family and pets. In the future, Kristy is most excited to watch her children continue to grow and succeed. Seeing them achieve their goals and develop into their unique selves is fulfilling. The help from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation is allowing Kristy and her family to have not only financial peace of mind, but also the opportunity to redirect funds towards enhancing her children’s opportunities. Finally, Kristy would like others to know how much her husband impacted her and their children’s lives. He represented kindness and love; he was selfless, honorable, and put other people’s needs before his own. There was no limit to the love he had for his family and friends, and he was deeply cherished in return. In their lives, DiDomenico’s memory continues to guide them and he is constantly missed and thought of. His love, honor, and selflessness remain constant, influencing their lives and memories.

United States Army Sergeant First Class Jason Patrick DiDomenico is survived by his loving wife, Kristy, and his beautiful children, Gemma and Fiona.