United States Army O-3 Captain • Line of Duty Death: July 19, 2023

United States Army O-3 Captain Jared W. Souder passed away on July 19, 2023 due to service-related cancer.

Born in Salem, Ohio and raised in the small town of Chester, West Virginia, Souder was raised by his mother alongside his younger brother. His grandfather having played the role of a father figure in his life, Souder attributed much of his success to his influence. He loved to be outdoors, play hockey, and fish. As just teenagers, Souder and his wife, Sheena, met and continued to date through college. They were married in 2004, one week prior to moving to Maryland for Souder’s Army Officer basic course.

Both of Souder’s grandfathers’ service in World War II inspired him to enlist in the US Army Reserve in 1997 as an electrician. He was later promoted to Sergeant and continued to be a Reservist until graduating from the Youngstown State University ROTC Program, and was commissioned in December of 2004. Souder enjoyed the physical activity and camaraderie of military service, and appreciated the deep friendships, sense of purpose, and deeper meaning behind each mission. Throughout his honorable career, he was awarded with the Army Achievement Medal and the Iraq Campaign Medal. In 2022, Souder was unfortunately diagnosed with brain cancer as a result of burn pit exposure. After several rounds of chemotherapy and one round of radiation, Souder sadly passed away.

Sheena currently resides with her daughters, Avery and Hannah, whom she loves to spend time with. She also enjoys the outdoors, running, snowboarding, and do-it-yourself projects. In addition, Sheena works as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and is set to open a Pediatric Outpatient Clinic. She is excited to serve a community that lacks pediatric therapy services. With the support from Tunnel to Towers, Sheena and her girls are able to remain in their family home, allowing them to heal and enjoy the memories of their loved one within the comfort of their home. Finally, Sheena would like others to know how amazing her husband was; he was a true family man, would do anything for anyone, and had so much life in him until the end. He is sorely missed.

United States Army O-3 Captain Jared W. Souder is survived by his loving wife, Sheena, his beautiful daughters, Avery and Hannah, and his brother, US Air Force Medical Officer and Lieutenant Colonel Cliff Souder.