On February 15, 2023, United States Army CW3 and Police Officer Daniel Lee Wadham passed away as a result of a helicopter accident. 

Wadham was born and raised in Houston, Texas and later Dover, Tennessee. His father being a general contractor, he learned how to fix many things around the house. Wadham was also notorious for being an adventurous child with a love of exploration. With friends, he could be found hanging out and playing video games. Wadham and his future wife, Rosetta, knew each other from childhood, however, they were not close until they reconnected years later in 2011. They began dating in June of 2012 and have been together since then. 

While in college, Wadham was inspired by his friend, Dustin Portillo, who was serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard at the time. In May of 2007, Wadham enlisted in the U.S. Army. Later on starting in January 2015, he also served as a Metro Nashville Police Officer. Wadham loved helping people both as a U.S. military service member and as a police officer. He enjoyed going to new places and experiencing different cultures and situations. Throughout his career as a guardsman Wadham became a Staff Sergeant, then a Warrant Officer and a UH-60 pilot. He deployed overseas to both Iraq and Kosovo. He also mentored many soldiers, including his wife, Rosetta, and inspired them to be better by the example he set daily. 

Currently, Rosetta lives with her children, Lillian and Scarlett, who love to participate in sports. She loves to read, workout, and spend time outside when she can. Having two jobs and serving in the Tennessee Army National Guard herself, Rosetta is quite busy. However, she is working on obtaining her master’s degree. When she has time, Rosetta donates to food banks and donation centers. Rosetta is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for relieving her of the financial burden and stress of a mortgage. Rosetta would also like people to know how much of an amazing man her husband was. He was the rock of their family and his faith carried him through many hard times in his life. He was an amazing husband, father, and friend.

United States Army CW3 and Police Officer Daniel Lee Wadham is survived by his loving wife, Rosetta, his children, Lillian and Scarlett, his father, Tim, his biological mother, Debby, his brother, John, his step mother, and step siblings.