United States Army Lieutenant Colonel • Line of Duty Death: June 8, 2023

United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Christy Reibitz passed away on June 8, 2023 due to service-related cancer.

Reibitz had a very happy and humble childhood split between Jamestown, New York and Sebring, Florida. She had a large extended family with whom she was very close and spent a lot of time with. She, her brother, and cousins could always be found outside playing sports together. Her athletic demeanor continued into young adulthood, having been a prolific swimmer and track star during her high school years. Reibitz’s character was apparent from her youth; she approached every decision with integrity and a high moral standard. Later on, Reibitz and her husband, Steven, met in the back of a C-130 in Afghanistan where they worked together caring for wounded soldiers and civilians alike. Their friendship blossomed from professional respect and competitive board game nights while deployed, to romance years later. Eventually, they were married, becoming a dual military household, and had two beautiful children and several pets. They traveled the world together, making stops in Korea, Okinawa, San Antonio, Virginia, and Washington.

Having had a strong draw to service, Reibitz knew without a doubt that she would pursue a career in which she could help others. She enlisted in the US Army and just two weeks after her high school graduation, she left for bootcamp. Afterwards, she attended Roswell Military Academy in New Mexico as well as Texas Woman’s University, where she graduated with her Nursing degree. Reibitz loved everything about her career; she was a positive influence to everyone she met. Early on during the War on Terror, she was a bedside nurse at Walter Reed, where she was often the first medic a wounded soldier would see after being taken off of the battlefield. She had described this to be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding aspects about her career. Above all else, Reibitz’s greatest accomplishments were being a nurse and a mother; each making her better at the other. She was strong-willed, having fought her battle with service-related cancer for six years prior to her passing. Throughout treatment, she worked long hours in the hospital and always made time for adventures with her children. Reibitz served 20 honorable years.

Currently, Steven and his children, Jack and Stella, live in Michigan. Together, they continue to go on adventures which include camping, hiking, and anything water related. The children love water parks, boating, and spending time with family. Reibitz’s legacy lives on through her children, who have declared they wish to pursue a profession in helping others.

United States Army Lieutenant Colonel Christy Reibitz is survived by her loving husband, Steven, and her beautiful children, Jack and Stella.