United States Air Force Senior Master Sergeant • Line of Duty Death: March 24, 2021

United States Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Brandon S. Chandler passed away on March 24, 2021 while in the line of duty.

Chandler was born in Corsicana, Texas and was raised in various states as well as Germany for a period of time due to being in a military family. Growing up, he loved Star Wars, video games, comic books, and hanging out with his friends. As he grew older, Chandler enjoyed various sports, including soccer, baseball, and football. While he was attending high school in Germany, he met his wife, Andrea. They shared a connection and eventually were married.

Feeling a calling to do something bigger than himself, Chandler decided to enlist in the US Air Force in the fall of 2004. He loved fulfilling his duties to his country and lived to be a servant leader to his airmen. Being a silent warrior, Chandler aspired to climb the ranks to Chief because he wanted to be a leader and role model to young airmen. One day in 2021, Chandler was on his way to work when his vehicle was hit by a vehicle operated by a driver who was under the influence of drugs. He sadly succumbed to his injuries. Chandler had moved to a new duty station just three months prior.

Currently, Andrea lives in the south surrounded by family and friends. Her interests are focused on healing, growing, and self empowerment while raising her daughters as a single parent. In addition, she is involved with her churches as well as Gold Star foundations and organizations. In the future, Andrea is excited to continue to watch her daughters grow and bloom into the women they are meant to be. She is also eager to find new versions of herself in the process and finding the beauty in life while giving back to others in her community. With the help of Tunnel to Towers, Andrea is able to focus on life and healing rather than stress about money and “what if.” With the extra funds she will be saving, she plans on sending her daughters to college. Lastly, Andrea would like others to know that although bad things often happen to good people, healing, growth, and loving others can be born through the pain. She would also like to bring awareness to the impact of impaired driving and reinforce that it is not worth it. Chandler is grievously missed.

United States Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Brandon S. Chandler is survived by his loving wife, Andrea and his daughters.