On April 18, 2022, United States Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Joanathan Sikora passed away after a valiant battle with cancer attributed to his military service. 

Sikora was born in Lorain, Ohio and grew up in Avon Lake and Ashland, Ohio. He and his younger sister, Allison, grew up with classical musicians as parents, who instilled the joy and love of music to them from a young age. He and his sister spent hours watching their parents perform. Growing up on Lake Erie, Sikora and his family spent countless hours on his father’s boat and swimming in the lake. In high school Sikora was on his high school’s swim team and played trumpet in the marching and jazz band. He was also involved in baseball, enjoyed riding horses, rebuilding vehicles, snowboarding and playing golf.  Having eight aunts and uncles and many cousins, Sikora’s childhood was very busy and he and his family spent a lot of time gathering for big celebrations throughout the years.

In the year 2000, Sikora decided to enlist in the USMC, his ultimate goal was to become a Force Recon Marine. His grandfather and uncle both served in the military and he wanted to follow in their footsteps. Sikora loved being a part of something bigger than himself and the challenges that came with being in the military. Throughout his career, earned the titles of USMC 2D RECON BN SGT and earned the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal while in Iraq. After Sikora’s enlistment, he reenlisted into the USAF ANG as a loadmaster. Here Sikora met his future wife, Alicia, during their time attending The Ohio State University. Their paths continued to cross at work and school so they finally decided to go out for lunch; sharing zeal for life, a background in radio maintenance and a love of aviation, their connection was undeniable from the start. 

Sikora earned an USAF Achievement medal for his tireless service during the Katrina Disaster and USAF Achievement medal for his service in OEF and OIF. Together Sikora and his wife helped stand up the Project Liberty MC-12 MQT in Meridian, Mississippi. Sikora was one of the original MC-12 Sensor Operator Instructors that taught each student prior to deployment. 

Currently, Alicia dedicates most of her energy to raising their girls, Kairi, Maryanne, Lily and Andi. She is involved in their numerous activities, volunteering at their school and building the farm into a sustainable homestead and educational environment that she and Sikora began together. She enjoys studying herbal medicine, leadership development, coaching and gardening.

In the future, she is most excited for the opportunity to share God’s love and mercy through the hardest moments in her life. Alicia would like to thank Allison and Eric Cline, their three daughters, and her parents-in-law, John and Stephanie Sikora for being her support system through this difficult time. Alicia is extremely grateful to Tunnel to Towers for providing her family with a mortgage-free home and lifting that weight off of her back. If it was not for the donation, she would not be able to continue to afford her daughters’ school or have the financial freedom to dedicate this precious time with their daughters. Alicia would like people to know that although we may never know why, we can’t change the past. If we push past the pain, there are so many good people out there that will love you if you let them. Throughout her life she has seen God show up in many ways, through different faces. The love she and her daughters have felt has been nothing short of amazing and she is very thankful.

United States Marine Corps Sergeant Andrew Jonathan Sikora is survived by his wife, Alicia, his four daughters, Kairi, Maryanne, Lily, Andi, his sister, Allison, and his parents, John and Stephanie.