United States Navy Lieutenant Andrew Jason Brooks passed away on December 24, 2018 after his battle with a very rare cancer. 

Brooks was born in West Islip, Long Island, New York and raised in Sayville, Long Island, New York by a supportive, loving, and encouraging family. Brooks was blessed with incredible intellect and his family always knew that he would do great things using his engineer-mapped mind. Brooks was the middle child of three; his younger brother, Matthew, followed in his footsteps in becoming an officer in the U.S. navy submarine Fleet. Brooks’ parents, Kenneth and Susan, shaped and supported him in all of his dreams. Brooks and his wife, Martyna, met through her brother who was also a Captain in the U.S. Navy submarine fleet. They met at a New Year’s Eve party and by the following New Year’s Eve, they were engaged in Guam. Brooks and Martyna were pros at long distance until they married. 

From a young age, Andrew was born to be a leader, critical thinker, and an asset to the community.  He was recognized as an Eagle Scout in high school and continued to be recognized later on in his career.  While doing a summer internship at a Nuclear Power Laboratory, Brooks was inspired by a Naval recruiting officer. He got in contact with the right people, tested in, and signed a contract for the Navy by his first semester of senior year of college. Brooks loved the sense of community, leading the incoming officers and sailors, the mental challenge, and being a part of something bigger than himself. His drive to work hard to have successful missions and being mission ready was beyond inspiring. Throughout his career, Brooks was always recognized as an amazing worker, leader, mentor, and friend. Unfortunately, Brooks was diagnosed with a very rare cancer eight months after moving to Saratoga Springs from Hawai’i to start his shore duty as an instructor for the incoming students at the Protype plant. After two-and-a-half years, Brooks sadly lost his battle on Christmas Eve. 

Currently, Martyna continues to live in the house she and her husband bought together. They put their heart and effort into making it their own. Even throughout his battle, Brooks continued to think of house projects to keep himself motivated and “busy.” Martyna always looks at the future as a bright light. Brooks would be proud of his family to know that they embrace each day with a smile and a count of their blessings. She is excited to watch her children grow and become the best version of themselves. The Brooks family is grateful to Tunnel to Towers for allowing them to live mortgage-free and for the opportunity to show her children that with life experiences, they will become well-rounded individuals. Martyna would like people to know that she is grateful for the time she shared with her husband, as he was an amazing human being, selfless, full of love and life. Her family will not be the same without his presence, however, his energy glows strong in spirit and lightens each of their days. They plan on continuing to honor Brooks in any capacity that they can. Even though he is not physically here, he lives on in all of his loved ones. 

United States Navy Lieutenant Andrew Jason Brooks is survived by his wife, Martyna, his children, his sister, Erica, and his brother, Matthew.