Hauppauge Fire Department, New York • Line of Duty Death: June 11, 2022

On June 11, 2022, Fire Chief Stephen A. Feron passed away as a result of a medical emergency in the line of duty.

Feron was born in Smithtown, New York and raised in the heart of Hauppauge, New York with his mother, father, and two older sisters. He had a busy childhood playing football, participating in Boy Scouts, and serving as an Altar Boy at his church. His main interests were anything football related, spending time with his friends, and the volunteer fire department. Feron and his wife, Kelly, grew up together at the Hauppauge Fire House because both of their fathers worked there and served as Chiefs together. Both of their mothers were also in the Ladies Auxiliary. In addition, they were friends in school, attending both middle and high school together. They began dating after they both graduated from college and have been together ever since.

Having grown up always at the Hauppauge Fire Department and volunteering himself, Feron joined the Fire Department on June 18, 1989 at the age of 16. He appreciated how important it was to the community and the Department felt like family to him. He loved the sense of brotherhood that came with being a firefighter and helping the community most of all. His goal was to become a Chief, just like his father. Throughout Feron’s career, he was Captain of the Truck Company, Firefighter of the Year in 2017, he implemented a technical rescue unit, and became the Team Leader and Chief of the Department. While operating at a USAR water rescue drill at Smith Point Park, Feron suffered a medical emergency. Life-saving measures were administered and he was transported to the hospital where he passed away shortly after.

Currently, Kelly’s life revolves around her career, as both of her children, Anna and Stephen, are in college. She also loves traveling, dining out with friends, spending time at the beach and with her family, as well as participating in various community and church fundraisers. In the future, Kelly is excited to watch her children enjoy their time and pursue their dreams. Having a mortgage-free home from the Foundation allows her to feel more secure and focus her time on her family. She would like others to know that her husband was her best friend and he could always make her and others laugh.

Fire Chief Stephen A. Feron is survived by his loving wife, Kelly, and his beautiful children, Anna and Stephen.