Long County, GA
Line of Duty Death: January 23, 2020

Long County Deputy Sheldon Whiteman lost his life in the line of duty on January 23, 2020.

He had only been with the Long County Sheriff’s office for a few months before he lost his life.

The 44-year-old served in law enforcement in Chatham County, Georgia, before coming to the Long County Sheriff’s Office in September 2019. He had been a certified peace officer since 2016.

He leaves behind his wife, Alisa-Ann, and their three boys A’ron,16, Arion,13, and Shiloh,11.

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is committed to paying off the mortgage on the family’s home.

Deputy Whiteman’s 11-year-old son Shiloh was so moved by the Foundation’s gift he wrote a poem titled Thank You:

“We are so thankful, yes we are so grateful

We appreciate everything you are doing for us,

You are touching and stabilizing our life without a fuss.

God is using your organization to bless us,

And we will forever be thankful for our life that will be glorious

Each memory held in our home is a sweet fragrance and a breath of fresh air,

knowing that our floors and walls are filled with smiles and love of our daddy dear.

I know that your help and provision for us is really true.

Due to your dedication to salute our fallen heroes who created the avenue

Tunnel to Towers you are amazing for what you do,

And everyday I know God will continue to bless you.

Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers, We are happy for your commitment and all your hours.

Stephen Siller’s story is full of inspiration, 

And because of him our walls of pride will remain our foundation.

Our dad and hero who is looking down on us from heaven,

helped many like how Stephen did in Nine Eleven.”