Kansas City Fire Department, Missouri • Line of Duty Death: February 23, 2018

Kansas City Fire Department Captain Patrick Brian Williams passed away on February 23, 2018 after his battle with service-related cancer.

Williams was born and raised in Blue Springs, Missouri in a blended family alongside two siblings and three step-siblings. Williams lived on a lake and enjoyed swimming, boating, water skiing, and fishing with his friends and family. Additionally, he loved to work on cars. He and his wife, Jenny, met through his sister, after he had already began working for the Kansas City Fire Department, however, they did not become close until after the events of September 11, 2001, when Jenny called Williams to ask if he and his team were going to go help fellow first responders at the World Trade Center.

Williams was a mechanic and worked on fire trucks in 1976 prior to becoming a firefighter in 1978. His reasoning for joining was fueled by his passion for helping others, especially children. Additionally, he loved going into fires to help put them out. His goals were to become a fire engine operator, to always do right by others, and help the young and new firefighters. Throughout his honorable career, Williams was awarded with Fire Fighter of the Year, achieved the rank of Captain, accomplished his goal of becoming a driver, and never failed to go above and beyond to help anyone in need. When he wasn’t working or with his family and friends, Williams devoted his spare time to serving with the Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team, having saved many lives across the state of Missouri, and he eventually became the President of the volunteer rescue team. Williams was unfortunately diagnosed with two cancers that are common among firefighters and sadly lost his battle to his illness in February 2018. Upon learning of his diagnosis, Williams made a promise to educate other firefighters on the importance of safety in regards to firefighting. He helped organize and raise money to purchase washing machines to wash uniforms and other items to prevent residual exposure to toxins.

Currently, Jenny and her children live in Florida, which was a family dream they fulfilled after the passing of their loved one. She loves to spend time with her children, family and friends, as well as anything to do with the outdoors, frequenting the beach and spending time in the sunshine. Her true passion, however, is helping others as it brings her great joy. Additionally, she is heavily involved with her church, teaching classes on how to hear God’s voice. In the future, Jenny is excited to be a part of the Tunnel to Towers Let Us Do Good Village, in her home donated by the Foundation, which she describes as a life changing gift for herself and her children. She would like to thank her mother, stepfather, children, nieces and nephews, their many friends in the Kansas City Fire Department, and Williams’ best friend, Dave Young, for their continued support following the passing of Williams. Finally, Jenny would like others to know that her husband did right no matter what the cost was, he loved everyone unconditionally, protected and rescued whoever needed to be, and was always there for and willing to help others. His humor was contagious, with the ability to make others smile and laugh. Williams always stood for what was right, no matter the consequence. He is severely missed.

Kansas City Fire Department Captain Patrick Brian Williams is survived by his loving wife, Jenny, his children, and many family members and friends.