United States Department of the Treasury – Internal Revenue Service – Criminal Investigation • Line of Duty Death: August 17, 2023

Criminal Investigation Special Agent Patrick C. Bauer passed away on August 17, 2023 while in the line of duty.

Bauer was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Glendale, Arizona alongside his two younger sisters and younger brother. He also shared a very close relationship with his grandparents. Throughout his childhood, Bauer could be found playing baseball, skateboarding, and playing board games with his family. When he was a teenager, he and his future wife, Carrie, met while working at McDonald’s together. They were later married and had four children together.

In 1994, Bauer joined the US Air Force to help with his college expenses, however, he continued to serve for 22 years after developing an intense love and admiration for his job. In 2008, he became an IRS Special Agent to combine his interest in law enforcement with his degree in accounting. He loved everything about his career, but most of all, he enjoyed the structure, discipline, being part of a team, and helping others. Throughout his honorable career, Bauer was awarded with an Air Force Commendation Medal, an IRS Outstanding Investigative Work Award, and achieved 25 years of government service. Bauer’s life was sadly cut short while in the line of duty during an incident at the shooting range.

Currently, Carrie resides in Arizona with her children, Rachel, Lauren, Aidan, and Katelyn. She loves to hike, run, and craft and hopes to volunteer with organizations that help the families of fallen first responders. In the future, she is excited to watch her children graduate high school, college, and pursue their careers and family goals. The donation of a mortgage-free home from the Tunnel to Towers Foundation has lifted a major financial burden from Carrie as it allows her to focus her energy on taking care of her family and grants her children the opportunity to continue to participate in their extracurricular activities that bring them joy. Finally, Carrie would like others to know that her husband was a wonderful husband of 24 years and father of four. He devoted his life to serving others, both as an IRS Agent and in the Arizona Air National Guard. Bauer was incredibly humble and hard-working. He is severely missed.

Criminal Investigation Special Agent Patrick C. Bauer is survived by his loving wife, Carrie, and his children, Rachel, Lauren, Aidan, and Katelyn.