Knox County Sheriff’s Department • Line of Duty Death: April 29, 2022

Knox County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff Nicholas “Nick” D. Weist passed away on April 29, 2022 while in the line of duty.

Weist was born in Platteville, Wisconsin and was raised by his parents, Kevin Weist and Robin Monson. From a young age, he knew he wanted to pursue a career as a police officer. As such, he graduated from Western Illinois University in 2009 with a degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration. In 2012, he was hired by the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department as a 911 dispatcher and then as a Correctional Officer. Three years later, Weist was sworn into the Aledo Police Department on June 26, 2015 and graduated from the Illinois Police Training Institute that September. In addition to his continual service as a police officer, Weist was also a volunteer firefighter for the Viola Fire Department. He eventually met his wife, Jessica, with whom he shared an instant connection. The pair later married and began their family.

Weist loved spending time outdoors with his children, where they enjoyed mountain biking, fishing, and deer hunting. He also liked to cook and play video games. Weist was passionate about educating the youth about law enforcement and spent significant time organizing the explorer’s program at Aledo High School, as well as at the college level recruiting for the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. Weist’s dedication to his career was unyielding, having been Union President, a taser instructor, and a leader for multiple organizations.

Knox County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Sheriff Nicholas “Nick” D. Weist is survived by his wife, Jessica, and his children.